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Because monuments are works of art, there is no limit to the type of monument that may be designed. We can provide you with many design options that will help you design a truly personal monument. Please keep in mind that any monument can be personalized. A bit of special carving or etching describing a profession or hobby… and appropriate epitaph… religions symbols… even a brief biography will serve to make a monument more meaningful to you and your family.
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Granite is among the most durable of all natural stones. Monuments of granite still exist from before the time of Christ. At Shoreline Memorials we offer many beautiful granites and marbles in a wide range of colors and textures from quarries in the United States and imported from around the world.
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When choosing a monument, please consider that cemeteries have regulations as to the size and type of monuments which may be placed on different size lots. Check with your cemetery before choosing a memorial.

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